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Search Engine Optimization

Our peerless protocol used for organic search produces results that propel your website to the front page of the most frequently used search engines.

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We employ a data-driven methodology to provide each client with a unique and well thought out SEO strategy that is based on the strategic interpretation, quantification, and implementation of data relevant to your unique situation, needs, and online business goals.

OPANCO specializes in advanced search engine optimization strategies and consulting using an approach that is unique, effective, and individually customized for each client. We carefully craft your business SEO strategy based on meticulous data derived from a thorough and free website audit or competitive analysis of your specific industry and target market.

Our ability to match supply with demand or what we refer to as “demand interception”, is incomparable to any other form of online marketing. Our single-minded focus on the facts (and nothing but the facts) is what grants our clientele with the most desirable outcomes in the form of front page Google rankings, as well as outranking the most prominent competitors.

The importance of engaging a firm with a proven track record of success is obvious to most. For those who have previously engaged an SEO firm and have experienced undesirable outcomes and/or the imperative competence and analytical know-how needed to bring goals to fruition will find great value in our search engine optimization process.

For over three years, our organic SEO strategy continues to gain recognition on a local, national, and as of 2011 — international businesses level regardless of the type of business (i.e. service-based or product-based).

Our search engine optimization services are comprised of comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) which encompasses advanced search engine optimization techniques, SEO copywriting and content marketing strategies, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign set-up and optimization, as well as conversion optimization, the ongoing refinement of the consumer conversion funnel in an effort to maximize sales, leads, and/or conversions.


Our preliminary research efforts also serve to provide you with insight into our high-level practices and detailed work ethic. This peerless protocol is what we believe to be the “Tao of Search Engine Optimization Success”, and consists of the following three essential components:

  • Rigorous data mining to discover and exploit untapped market opportunities.
  • Meticulous analysis of the competitive environment as it relates to your specific niche or industry.
  • Economic viability testing and demand quantification to ensure positive ROI (return on investment).

Research and data play a consistent theme throughout the life of any client account.

Starting with your very first consultation, extensive preliminary research is the first step in our proprietary process. OPANCO provides you with thorough research findings obtained from our initial data mining coupled with that which is determined by your ideal business goals and objectives. Our findings indicate the potential or opportunity that exists for your services or products online.

Our extensive research can help qualify and quantify each unique business opportunity that exists for you online regardless of your profession or website design, and is independent of the goods or services you provide. We conclude our research often with several market tests which can also be referred to as AB testing or split testing using conversion-friendly landing pages.


We don’t sell SEO — we sell results. Our data-driven, decision-making mentality ensures that you can always count on OPANCO to act in a fiduciary capacity on your behalf.

Our proprietary methodology is completely unique to our SEO firm, utilized in all client projects, and is a key component of our client-centric approach to project management.

Keyword Selection

The creation and implementation of a search engine optimization strategy is typically built around three strategic keyword phrases which are determined and decided upon in collaboration with our clients.

As it pertains to SEO, keywords or keyword phrases are a combination of words that your ideal customer might type into a search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, or Yahoo) to find the specific products or services that you offer.

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. An effective SEO strategy requires thorough keyword research in order to accurately identify and capitalize on a niche market. In fact, the success of all SEO efforts are contingent upon prudent keyword selection.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is based on the current statistical profile for each of the selected keywords or keyword phrases, or the mathematical average of word usage in all HTML elements for the websites that are ranking in between positions one through 10 in Google search results.

Should you need additional content required for SEO purposes, we also offer expert SEO copywriting services.

On-Page reports will be uploaded and stored in a collaborative project management account, which also contains detailed explanations that include the mathematically derived logic behind our content changes and current optimization rate. We use this information to establish a benchmark and measure your month-by-month progress. As the optimization rate improves so will your keyword ranking positions.

On-page SEO services include monthly implementation of our proprietary statistical profiling of keyword phrases and suggested page element revisions. On-Page optimization may include the addition or subtraction of content from specific HTML page elements.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is performed simultaneously with your on-page strategy. A solid off-page SEO strategy is a favorable action when it comes to SEO, as modern day search engines stress the importance of acquiring quality links from other websites. The greater the number of links you have pointed to your website and the higher the quality these links possess, the better your ranking outcomes will be. In other words, when another website links to yours, it is equivalent to a stamp of approval.

The more approval your website receives, the more relevant and popular your website will become with search engines, such as Google. There is a positive correlation between relevance, popularity, and high search engine rankings. In fact, research shows that the current search engine algorithms also consider the anchor text or clickable part of a link.

Implementing a solid off-page SEO strategy will not only enhance your website’s value but also increase traffic as a result of improved search engine rankings. As previously mentioned, off-page SEO requires high-quality links from other websites and require proper integration.

In an effort to increase online visibility and ultimately, organic search rankings, OPANCO performs a thorough off-page research analysis to ensure your website is receiving adequate links from other websites that are pertinent to your industry and possess desirable inherent link value. The submission of your website to other websites that can add to a successful off-page strategy is another component of our search engine optimization services. Examples of websites we use for submissions may include:

  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Press releases
  • Local SEO citations
  • Directory listings
  • Influencer outreach

Local SEO

If your company has one or more locations open to the public and is where your business activities occur, Local SEO is the way to go. Local SEO is proven to be an essential component of a healthy marketing mix and is becoming increasingly more important to include as part of your overall SEO strategy.

SEO Audit

In addition to ongoing SEO, OPANCO also provides a free SEO audit.The purpose of an SEO audit is to determine elements that may be preventing your website from achieving organic rankings. Potential clients who do not engage in our SEO services are welcome to a free, one-time SEO audit.

SEO Migration

OPANCO offers a comprehensive SEO migration for clients who may be awaiting a website redesign to ensure a smooth transition from your previous website to your new website design.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an invaluable tool that we highly recommend for our clients, as it provides a relatively easy and quick way to jump-start your success while we simultaneously work toward obtaining organic results. Google Adwords provides instant front page visibility for relevant keyword phrases. The strategic confluence of keywords, ad text, and website copy are all factors that can ensure an optimized ad position, highest CTR (Click Through Rate), and lowest CPC (Cost Per Click). Using Google Adwords, initial success is guaranteed through ongoing improvement in CR (Conversion Rate) and reduction in Cost/Conv. (Cost Per Conversion). Once we can determine economies of scale, we may increase your ad spend and advertising budget. However, upon realizing diminishing marginal returns, ad spend and advertising budget will be reduced, respectively. OPANCO will also implement conversion tracking to allow us to determine the number of leads received as well as details relating to user demographic, geographic, and psychographic information. These actionable insights provide us with the ability to make strategic changes that have the potential to increase the number of leads you will receive. Additionally, we recommend utilizing the features offered through Call Tracking Metrics, a service we employ that offers advanced intel relating to the origin of each phone call received.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives us the opportunity to measure our defined and desired outcome for each website visitor, providing data related to your website’s user behavior and usability in order to precisely measure user experience. The benefits of using Google Analytics include but are not limited to:

  • Consumer trends – i.e. referral source, device used, and operating system
  • Detailed visitor statistics – the time of day your website is viewed, number of pages viewed in a single session, and length of time users remain on website
  • Detailed visitor demographics – percentage of male vs. female users who visit your website, and percentage of users based on a specific geographic location

With the metrics provided by Google Analytics, we have the opportunity to learn more about your website visitors which can ultimately aid in our efforts to target your desired user. Additionally, Google Analytics allows us to create a detailed measurement plan, identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), track conversions, and locate the origin of your callers.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows us to monitor indexing status, optimize visibility, and monitors the performance of your website in Google search results. Search Console helps us monitor your website traffic, optimize your rankings, and make informed decisions about how your website appears in search results. OPANCO uses the information in Search Console to conduct technical decisions for your website and sophisticated marketing analysis in conjunction with other Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Search Console can also help us monitor and resolve common issues with server errors, site load issues, security issues, and errors in markup such as those found in structured data. Additionally, Search Console is beneficial for displaying search queries and identifying the most important keywords according to Google.


OPANCO provides customized and detailed monthly progress reports that serve to monitor and track the following:

  • SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) in Google, Bing, and Yahoo  – details keyword position and month-to-month changes
  • Optimization effectiveness and overall performance – progress made on improving the statistical profile of your website’s homepage
  • Visitor statistics and traffic sources over a 30-day period
  • Up-to-date analysis of website visitors
  • Top five competitors for all strategic keywords and keyword phrases

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