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Website Migration

Ensure the value of all of your current website pages is maintained in search engines prior to launching a new website.

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What is an website migration? To put it simply, a website migration is a process that ensures the value of all current website pages is maintained in search engines. Why? There are specific metrics that Google uses to determine how and where your website ranks. Some of which include document inception date (the day a web page was first made visible to the public), inbound and outbound linking, social shares, bookmarking, duplicate content, etc.

Most agencies tend to underestimate the importance of website migrations simply because they limit their focus almost exclusively on getting the new site (assuming your current website is undergoing a redesign) up and running. It is far too often that they find themselves falling short of the capabilities and Intel needed to allocate resources required to implement a successful migration. Overlooking this important step can make it much more difficult to obtain the visibility needed for potential customers to find you on the web.

A comprehensive SEO migration is singlehandedly the most fundamental component in ensuring the value of your current website is maintained and in some cases, repaired. A proper website migration is a meticulous process that transfers the value from every page, or URL of your current website to the redesigned pages on your new website. This process also applies to links from those gained from social media posts or profiles to backlinks from referral websites and directories across the web to ensure that the user lands on the intended page of your new website. The goal of an SEO migration is to facilitate a clean transfer from the old website to the new website and follows updated SEO best standard practices.

At OPANCO, we monitor our migration progress with benchmark reports that allow us to establish a baseline from your current website and helps in determining efficacy. A migration baseline report often includes the following website metrics:

  • Organic Visits
  • Visits by Landing Page
  • Existing Website Crawl Report
  • Backlink Analysis

By creating and implementing a 301 redirect strategy, link equity can be passed from your old website to your new website without penalty. All pages of your old website that are considered unique, useful or authoritative are redirected to pages with similar or relevant content on your new website.

As we prepare to launch your new website, OPANCO can perform a free website audit to ensure links revised during migration are functioning as intended, compare search engine rankings from your old and new website, and perform SEO implementation.

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