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Terms of Service

Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement

This Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is entered into between OPANCO, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and (hereinafter referred to as “Client”).

Keywords”, for the purposes of this Agreement, are understood to be those words used in online internet searches which generate ranked search results.

Target Keywords” shall be defined by the Client herein below.

Search Engine Optimization services”, or “SEO services”, for the purposes of this Agreement, is understood to be those services related towards generating higher rankings for the Client’s web page among search results for selected search engines using the Target Keywords.

The Company agrees to provide Client with continuing and ongoing SEO services for the Client’s web page (this web page may be initially undefined, pending its construction), which shall be optimized for Target Keywords, which are initially defined as (these Target Keywords may be initially undefined, pending further research, and may be subsequently changed upon Client’s request).

SEO services are understood to include:


The Company shall conduct continuing and ongoing research and investigations that will collect data on how the public interacts and fails to interact with the Client’s website. Such work may require the creation of additional web pages for the purposes of testing ideas and identifying keywords that could intercept additional internet traffic, in which event the Client will be charged a nominal hosting fee of $5 per month for each such web page.


The company shall cull and analyze its data based upon a proprietary process involving detailed statistical profiling which will allow the Client to make informed decisions regarding the choice of Target Keywords towards which the Client’s web page shall be optimized.


Based on its research and analysis, the Company will suggest changes to the Client’s web page HTML elements. To facilitate these changes, the Company will provide Client up to 3 days of training, not to exceed 1 hour per session, that will provide instructions on how to effect these suggested changes.


Upon the end of each billing month of service, the Company will provide Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) reports for the Target Keywords to the Client. These SERP reports shall include results from the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. SERP reports for other search engines, such as AOL, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Gigablast, All The Web, Excite, Exalead, Dogpile, Alexa, Lycos, Cuil, IceRocket, or others may be provided for an additional fee. The Company will further report any changes in its data and analysis over the prior month.

Any and all other services must be separately negotiated. Additional services shall be based upon the hourly rate of $155 per hour.

The Company is induced and agrees to provide these services in reliance upon the Client’s promises contained in this Agreement and by Client’s payment and the Company’s receipt of an initial fee. This work shall continue from month-to-month upon payment of a monthly fee in the agreed upon amount, paid the same day of the month that the initial fee was paid, for each subsequent month after the date of this Agreement. If payment is not received by the beginning of such a billing period, the parties agree that all SEO services shall cease until and unless payment is received.

The Client agrees to provide the Company with personnel to make suggested changes to the Client’s web page HTML elements. Such personnel must have FTP access and prerequisites such as prior html code experience and expertise, as competence will be needed to upload and publish new content to Client’s web page. Suggested optimization changes are encouraged to be made immediately, but no less than within 1 week of delivery of such suggested changes.

The Client further agrees to not update, revise, or add to the web page that is the subject of this Agreement unless such changes are suggested by the Company. Any such unapproved changes may lead to additional charges, if additional or duplicative SEO services are required.

The Client further agrees to provide, upon request, additional textual content for the purpose of creating additional web pages. Such text content should range from 500 to 1200 words, and be semantically related to the Target Keywords, as outlined and documented in the master keyword listed provided at project commencement.

The Client authorizes the Company to use its brands, logos, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, and other intellectual property, including its web pages, to create content which relates to the SEO services described herein, provided that Company notifies the Client of such use, and provided the Company gives the Client the opportunity to disapprove of such use prior to making the content visible to the public. Client guarantees any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork used by the Company for inclusion on the website above are owned by Client, or that Client has received permission from the rightful owner(s) to use such elements, and shall indemnify, hold harmless, protect, and defend the Company and its owners, employees, and strategic partners from any liability or suit arising from the use of such elements.

The Client acknowledges that effecting a change on certain search engines and directories may take as long as 4 to 5 months, and in some cases longer, though the underlying time frame for improvement is 180 days at most. The Client further acknowledges that the Company has no control over the policies of third-party search engines, which may stop accepting submissions for indefinite periods of time, drop listings for no apparent reason, or alter the calculations by which search results are generated and ranked, all without notice and without recourse. Accordingly, the Company cannot offer any guarantee or warranty with respect to its services.

Any and all guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied are disavowed and waved.

  • The Company and the Client agree that time is of the essence in discharging the obligations imposed by this Agreement.
  • The Company and the Client further agree that they have had the opportunity to review this document thoroughly with the advice of professionals, including legal counsel, have had the opportunity to make changes to this Agreement, and agree that all the terms used herein are clear and unequivocal.
  • The Company and the Client further agree that this Agreement shall be construed and interpreted under the laws of Texas, and that if any controversy should arise between the parties, either party shall have 60 days to submit such controversy to mandatory and binding arbitration with NORTH TEXAS MEDIATION & ARBITRATION, or else lose the right to seek redress forever. The prevailing party in any such an arbitration proceeding shall be awarded its reasonable and necessary attorneys’ fees.
  • The Company and the Client further agree that there are no other agreements, oral or written, between the parties that are not reflected in this Agreement, which represents the understanding between the parties in its entirety. Any changes to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both the Company and the Client.

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